Visit of a Delegation from the Kingdom of Norway to the Military Academy

11/18/2022 - 12:15

The Military Academy, 10thof November hosted a delegation from the Military Academy of the Kingdom of Norway, including the Commander of the Military Academy, COL Sigrid Engebretsen-Skaret, the Course Commander Espen Eikenes and the defense attaché LTC Dag-Magne Lunde.During the visit there was a discussion about the benefits of the already established cooperation between the two institutions and the future steps to strengthen it. The representatives of the Norwegian Military Academy were also familiarized with the latest projects and activities of the Military Academy, took a tour in the Academy’s facilities, and attended one of the classes held with the cadets participating in the Erasmus+ exchange conducted in English.

During this winter semester, for the second time, three Norwegian cadets are participating in the Erasmus+ exchange and attend classes at the Military Academy “General Mihailo Aapostolski” – Skopje. In the meantime, a selection of three Macedonian cadets is in process and they will be sent on a one-semester exchange to the Kingdom of Norway in accordance with the Erasmus+ programme.

In the discussion on further strengthening the cooperation between the two Academies, the Dean of the Military Academy, Prof. Dr. Sc. COL Mitko Bogdanoski, mentioned several opportunities, with an emphasis on establishing partnership in conducting the security defense project Summer Camp, which each summer for more than a decade gathers cadets and students from over 20 countries in the world. This project has an enormous contribution in raising the awareness regarding interoperability of officers from NATO and partner countries, as well as gaining knowledge from the academic, but also practical part of military education and training. The delegation also showed great interest in establishing cooperation regarding the Cyber Security and Digital Forensics Institute and the possibility of cooperating in the development of this national and regional institution within the Military Academy.