Military Academy on NATO's Science for Peace and Security programme info day

03/30/2024 - 12:05

Representatives from the Military Academy actively participated in the info day of NATO's Science for Peace and Security programme, held on 28 March 2024 organised by the Ministry of Defence.

Panellists of activity from the Military Academy were Prof. Dr. Sc. Dimitar Bogatinov, Lieutenant Colonel and assistant professor Dr. Sc. Vesna Poposka, who shared experiences at the Military Academy, as the institution with the greatest experience and the largest number of sponsored projects and activities from this NATO programme. 

Minister of Defence Mrs Slavjanka Petrovska opened the event, and the programme's opportunities were presented by the head of NATO's Science for Peace and Security Programme Management and Co-ordination Department Dr Claudio Palestini and programme manager Dr Eyup Thurmus.

Participants from MoD and the Military Academy, as well as representatives of the academic community and civil society from the country, took part in the event.

The Science for Peace and Security programme is an opportunity for the academic community and the NGO sector to cooperate directly with NATO experts in science to address new security challenges.

The programme offers funding, expert advice and support for civil security-relevant activities that meet the strategic objectives of NATO and member states and aims to jointly address the challenges of cyber-defence, anti-terrorism energy and environmental security, i.e. the development of advanced security-related technologies.