The Military Academy hosts a partner meeting and practical training within the framework of the SETOFF project

12/05/2023 - 14:14

The Military Academy, in collaboration with representatives from partner organizations within the SETOFF project from Belgium, Greece, and Spain had the opportunity to exchange experiences, knowledge, and ideas during the regular partner meeting held at the organization of the Military Academy from December 3 to 6, 2023, in Ohrid.

The main goal of the SETOFF project is to improve readiness and safety in crisis management and protection and rescue sectors, as well as to incorporate the private sector into the process of dealing with future crises and emergencies through the development of an innovative e-learning curriculum based on a successfully tested and implemented simulation model, combined with the latest scientific knowledge and comprehensive analysis of training and educational needs.

During the three-day activity, participants closely familiarized themselves with the characteristics and functionality of the online e-learning platform where courses created within SETOFF are hosted. Among other activities, the team of professors from the Military Academy conducted practical sessions to master important aspects of platform management, such as issuing digital badges and certificates, creating online tests, and other forms of knowledge assessment.

During the meeting, Prof. Dr. Mitko Bogdanoski, Dean of the Military Academy, placed special emphasis on the successful dissemination of project results, as well as further development and deepening of cooperation within projects under the Erasmus+ program and beyond.