Successful Realization of the First Workshop of the Erasmus+ KA220 “Future Classrooms’ Leadership” Project

06/25/2022 - 12:27

In the period from 20-24 June 2022, representatives of the Military Academy took part in the first workshop of the Erasmus+ KA220 “Future Classrooms’ Leadership” project, which took place in Bagheria, R. Italy.

During the workshop, the partners discussed their experience in using digital tools in education, with a special emphasis on using new methods and strategies, as well as their implementation in the assessment process. A part of the sessions was dedicated to analyzing the benefits of effective visualization strategies in the learning and teaching process and the specifics of online education. The partners also had a chance to discuss the details, plans, and activities related to project implementation, as well as the coordination of different aspects of project activities.
The project will be implemented in the period from March 2022 to March 2024. Besides the Military Academy, partners in the project are representatives from R. Poland as a coordinator, as well as partners from R. Bulgaria, R. Romania, R. Turkiye, and R. Italy. The main goal of the project is to fill the gap in the partners’ digital competence, by incorporating digital tools, as well as developing communication skills in cooperation with the EU institutions