Successfully implemented Military Academy Erasmus+ KA220 project activity - "Future Classrooms’ Leadership"

09/13/2023 - 18:04

During the impeccably organized event, held from September 6, 2023, to September 10, 2023, in Pułtusk, Poland, by the coordinators of the Erasmus+ project "Future Classrooms’ Leadership" from Poland, representatives from the Military Academy also took part and gave their contribution.

With the participation and involvement of all partners from Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, and Italy, the coordinators from Poland and the representatives from the Military Academy, activities were carried out in accordance with the project's goals, specifically the usage of digital tools for successful knowledge transfer via gamification of content and classes. The activity was an excellent opportunity for interactive sessions for experience exchange among partners with the aim of enhancing digital competency. It also involved practical testing of various relevant digital tools and the development of concrete ideas for collaboration between different educational institutions.

During the event, a reception was organized by the mayor of Pułtusk. The Dean of the Military Academy, Prof. Dr. Sc. Mitko Bogdanoski, took the opportunity to express gratitude for the hospitality and to greet his own team, as well as the teams from the other partners in the project, for their hard work and dedication in implementing project activities.

The Military Academy consistently participates in and implements Erasmus+ projects funded by the European Union. It is dedicated to fostering fruitful cooperation with educational institutions from across Europe with the aim of modernizing teaching, methods, and approaches in the educational process and ensuring a high quality of education it provides.