COMICON provides the following engineering services


Key-turn solutions for automation of industrial processes and systems: design by certified designers, manufacture of control panels, installation, software for PLC, HMI & SCADA, commissioning, warranty and aftersale service.

Solutions for energy management and BMS.

Telemetric systems for remote wireless control and monitoring of installations.

Commissioning of PLC, HMI and SCADA (Schneider Electric, OAS, Allen Bradley, 7T, Siemens, Iconics, Kepware, Comicon), including SIL3.

Integration of industrial networks and equipment of different producers.

Construction & assembly works – parts Automation, Instrumentation and Electrical.

Design and building up of videowall systems for control rooms and other applications.

Please, see the “Reference list” with more detailed information about our realised projects.

COMICON has been honoured with award “Production with European quality” for its “System for wireless data acquisition from remote objects in non-electricity areas”. The prize has been awarded by authoritative organization “Bulgarian Energy Forum”.

The system for wireless data acquisition from remote objects in non-electricity areas provides an efficacious monitoring and control of remote installations of gas transition networks, water supply systems, petrol pipelines, high voltage electrical networks, pump stations, reservoirs, dams, etc.