05/11/2023 - 21:40

The meeting started with welcoming speech by coordinator Mrs Setenay ÇAYIR and Mr Ferat ÜNSAL, which briefly presented the purpose of the project, results, users and the current phase of the project.  After the opening speech, each of the project partners had the opportunity to present their institutions and the activities they are conducting. The meeting discussed future tasks, including the PRELIMINARY REPORT on the state of integration policy in partner countries, as well as the timeframe in which they should be implemented.

Following partner countries were at the meeting: Beytüşşebap Halk Eğitim Merkezi Müdürlüğü (Host partner and coordinator) - Mrs. Satı Setenay ÇAYIR - Mr. Mesut KILIÇ - Mr. Nazmi GÜZEL - Mr. Adil CİN - Mr. Fırat ÜNSAL Comité de Liaison Diagonal France (P1) - Mr. Gerard FENOY Republic of North Macedonia University Goce Delchev Shtip – Military academy – “General Mihajlo Apostolski” - Skopje  (P2) – D-r Andrej ILIEV and D-r Nenad TANESKI, Asociación para el Desarrollo socioemocional de la persona, la sociedad y para la cooperación Internacional Uno (P3) - Mr. Giovanni GONELLA and Mr. Patrizio RICCI (Online).