02/03/2023 - 14:31

The Military Academy in cooperation with the NATO Partnership for Peace Consortium and ADL Working Group organized the meeting “ADL in War: Training While We Fight Lessons from Ukraine” in Skopje in the period from February 01 and 02, 2023.

The Dean of the Military Academy, Prof. Dr. Sc. Mitko Bogdanoski, COL, mentioned the following in his introductory speech:

“Education and training, close collaboration and involvement of key experts and professionals are the only means to stay a step ahead of the enemy, and only detailed analysis and elaboration of lessons identified and learned in Ukraine can be the empowering factor that can give us the upper hand in a collision with the violent invasion and perpetuating acts of war by an enemy that disregards all conventions and undermines the core values of modern democratic societies”

“I strongly believe that the representatives gathered for this important meeting will explore all aspects of the invaluable experience gained in the past period since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. They will use the opportunity to implement the immense insight we as partners have gained from the war in Ukraine into building more robust ADL systems, enhancing our overall security capabilities

During the opening ceremony, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Defense, Mr Vladimir Anchev also addressed the attendees and praised the initiative for this type of expert talks, which offer solutions for enhancing the functionality and efficiency of ADL systems, even in times when the continent is facing an open war conflict. In this context, Mr Anchev expressed his gratitude for the active support the Military Academy is providing in the process of building ADL capabilities in NATO member countries and partners. He added that this is evidence of the Academy’s capabilities and its dedication to finding solutions, which will have a serious contribution to strengthening security and stability.

The meeting aimed at sharing lessons learned from the war in Ukraine and adapting ADL education and training systems and policies at a national and the level of the Alliance. The expected outcome of the meeting is the creation of policies and procedures for better preparedness of the system at a national and the level of the Alliance.