A visit by a cyber delegation from Israel "Improvate" to the Military Academy

11/01/2022 - 10:00

On 26.10.2022, representatives from the Israeli company "Improvate" visited the Military Academy. . During the visit, innovative Israeli technologies for cyber security and various solutions for various cyber scenarios and challenges were presented.

Improvate is a platform that makes technology and innovation accessible to countries worldwide and connects leaders and decision-makers, as well as companies and investors with technology and innovation companies. This "Improvate" platform aims to promote sales opportunities and new strategic partnerships through international conferences and business delegations.

Solutions were presented by the companies:

  • Wikistrat, -consulting firm that provides dedicated interactive simulations for greater collaboration between participants,
  • TripleP - consulting firm that provides cyber awareness programs for organizations and prepares companies for compliance with privacy regulations around the world as well as
  • Cybersixgill -  a cyber intelligence company that analyzes different ways of threat intelligence.

In this context, the Dean of the Military Academy gave a brief overview of the special emphasis that the Military Academy places on cyber security and digital skills, as well as on the capacities of the National Institute for Cyber Security and Digital Forensics as one of the possibilities for intensifying this type of cooperation.