Successful Realization of the II Module of the Regional Strategic Leadership Course, Organized by the Military Academy

10/05/2022 - 10:25

High-level representatives from Austria, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro take part in the II Module of the Regional Strategic Leadership Course in the period from 03 to 07 October 2022, organized by the Military Academy “General Mihailo Apostolski” – Skopje, supported by the Austrian National Defense Academy.

During the opening ceremony, the Deputy Defense Minister, Mr. Bashkim Hasani pointed out the significance of the network created via this course and its role in a joint vision for a stable and prosperous future for the region. On the other hand, the Dean of the Military Academy, Prof. Dr. Sc. Mitko Bogdanoski emphasized that it is not only our task but also our responsibility to invest all our efforts to develop and make this network grow, enabling more effective decision-making processes and efficient administration both in the public and private sector, producing coordinated response and action, thus ensuring true progress and growth.

The course has been envisaged as a joint platform for exchanging opinions and ideas, experiences and visions among high-level representatives from the region, responsible for the decision-making process and management. The regional course is conducted in three modules, organized in Austria, North Macedonia, and Serbia, gathering top-level representatives from different government and private sectors in the regional countries, on the principle “whole government approach”.

Part of the topics, the participants have an opportunity to discuss within the course, refer to Analysis of the strategic environment, Countering contemporary cybersecurity challenges, Geopolitical aspects of critical energy infrastructure protection, as well as Decision making and analysis of factors in a blackout scenario.