Military academy’s professors as invited speakers during the event dedicated to military education in Maribor, Slovenia

03/12/2015 - 15:45

Vice dean for education and research, Associate professor (Ph.D) Metodi Hadji-Janev, colonel, participated on the Regional seminar on “Defense and resources management: Transition of the Military education Systems in SEEII 10th – 13th March”, Organized by RACVIAC Center for security cooperation, held in Maribor, Slovenia. Vice dean Hadji-Janev, was invited to deliver two lectures “Contemporary challenges in military education” and “Future perspectives of military education, 21st century challenges –regional aspect SEE”. During the seminar participants (over 30) from Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia discussed issues, challenges and future developments in Military education. Along with the Vice dean Hadji-Janev, as a lecturers to this seminar were D-r Herald Gell, colonel from Austrian Military academy, D-r Uros Svete from University of Ljubljana, D-r Davor Petrinovic, from the University of Zagreb, Croatia, M-r Sylvain Paile,  researcher from Belgium and the dean of the Baltic college Estonia, D-r Augustine Meaher IV.