07/12/2023 - 14:15

The Military Academy, a recognized cybersecurity leader in the region, conducted a two-day cybersecurity workshop entitled "Governing Cyber Crisis" in Tirana, Albania from 11-12 July 2023.

The event, sponsored by the US State Department and in co-operation with CRDF GLOBAL and the Cyber Security, Corporate Security and Crisis Management Initiative - C3I Skopje aimed to improve cybersecurity and cyber crisis management practices for more than 30 CERT/CSIRT cyber professionals and key public and private sectors, including providers related to critical infrastructure from the Republic of Albania.

The Dean of the Military Academy, Prof. Dr. Sc. Mitko Bogdanoski opened the event with an introductory address, pointing out the importance of this type of workshops and cooperation among cybersecurity experts from various public and private institutions from the region and beyond for updating knowledge and skills, as well as creating a robust framework in dealing with challenges in this domain.

During the opening session, the Director of Cyber Security Analyses Directory, National Authority on Electronic Certification and Cyber Security, Mr. Rexhion Qafa addressed all attendees and emphasized that today’s activity is of immense importance as a capacity-building initiative for the countries in the region regarding their determination to raise the level of cybersecurity efficiency and protection against modern threats.

The workshop was started by Prof. Dr. Sc. Mitko Bogdanoski lecture on the topic “Modern threats to Transatlantic cyberspace”. The lecture that followed was realised by Prof. Dr. Sc. Dimitar Bogatinov on the topic of “Governing Emerging Technologies in Crisis”. The first session, with top introductory lectures, rounded off with a presentation and the beginning of the realization of a scenario based exercise based on a simulated cyber crisis scenario generated by an attack on the critical infrastructure of the Republic of Albania.

The second day of the workshop began with opening presentations by Prof. Dr. Sc. Metodi Hadji-Janev, who covered the topics Governing in Cyber Crisis Situation and Applicability of International Standards and Norms in Cyber Crisis Management.

During the rest of the second day of activity, participants had an opportunity to work on scenario-based exercise in which participants analyzed the strategic and legal aspects of the challenges institutions are dealing with in cyber crises, as well as the methods to be used to overcome them on an operative and technical level.